Motivation – why bother?
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses

Who should attend

This course is available to all staff who are seeking ‘to motivate’ others at work – usually as a manager/team leader. It is for you if you want to understand motivation and help people to get more of what motivates them.


Course Description

There is a question as to whether or how much someone can motivate someone else. However, there is no question that motivation is a significant factor in successfully leading another person or running a successful team. This course will help you to explore what may possibly motivate others around you and what you may do to try to provide this for them. It should help you to answer the question as to why you should bother about motivation and help you to provide your team with the ‘why bother’ in terms of their job.


Topics covered include:

    • The importance of motivation;
    • The potentially motivating and potentially demotivating factors about working at the University;
    • Models and theories of motivation;
    • Finding out what motivates your team members;
    • Understanding your role in the motivation of others.


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This course was formerly known as Motivating Individuals and Teams.

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