Strategic Planning & Thinking
Duration 2.5 hours
Team Professional Development

Who should attend

This course would be beneficial for any member of staff (manager or otherwise) who wishes to – or needs to – think strategically. This means looking up from the immediate operational issues to those that will drive forward the team/department etc in the longer term.


Course Description

Almost all organisations who are successful in the long term, plan for the long term. They will have a strategic plan, which will act as a framework against which more detailed operational plans are developed. The University is no different. But this type of planning – and thinking – is not solely useful at the most senior levels of an organisation. Many people can benefit from knowing the tools and techniques that are used, and learn how to apply them on a more local level. This course will introduce you to the tools and start you thinking as to how they can work for you.


Topics covered include:

  • What you want to achieve – Vision and Mission
  • Consideration of the internal and external environment in which you want to do this
  • Your stakeholders
  • Tools such as Gap Analysis, Scenario Planning and Balanced Business Scorecard
  • The benefits of creative thinking
  • The benefits of critical thinking
  • Bringing all of this together into a plan or a business case



This course is also offered as a slightly shorter on-line version.

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