Time Management – Organising your Life (for staff)
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses

Who should attend

This course is available to staff only. It is for you if you want some ideas as to how to be more ‘in control’ of your time – not just at work but in life in general.

 Course Description

There is a lot that we can do at work to be more ‘in control’ of our time – and many of these techniques are covered in the ‘Time Management – Organising your Work’ course. This course broadens the focus – looking at those things outside of work that will have an impact on your overall performance – and happiness. From eating/drinking and sleeping through to your long-term career goal and life goals, this course will invite to you consider how you are living your life and what you could do to get more of what you want into it!

 Topics covered:

  • The pros and cons of making changes
  • Getting the right energy into your day – eating, drinking, sleeping
  • Deciding on what you want from your career – and how to move in the right direction
  • Deciding what you want from your life – considering your ‘hotspots’
  • “So, what are you doing at the weekend?”

 Another recommended course:

  • Time Management – Organising your Work (for staff)


Much of the material covered in this course was previously included in the ‘Time Management and Workload Organisation’ and the ‘How to Prioritise Work course’.

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