The Tools of Problem Solving
Duration 2.5 hours
Team Professional Development

Who should attend

This course is designed for all those who wish to improve their problem-solving abilities. This course is open to both staff and Postgraduate Research Students.


Course Description

We all face problems and overcome challenges every day. Some are fairly simple. But some are more complex and require a greater degree of thought. This course will provide you with a framework to systematically consider problems and provide tools to move to producing the best outcome.


Topics covered include:

  • Working out what is the problem to be solved
  • Considering the different factors that may be in play
  • A range of techniques that may be used to fully consider the causes of a problem (data gathering and analysis, Flow charts, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Five Whys technique, etc.)
  • Some of the more creative ways of coming up with potential solutions to a problem
  • Processes and tools (Force Field Analysis, De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, etc.) to help you to decide on the best options for solving a problem



This course is also offered as a slightly shorter on-line version.

LocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
Online Course09 May 202409 May 20249:30am - 11:30am9