PEAR: Work/Life Balance: Managing your time in the 'new normal'
Duration 2 hours
Team Professional Development
Learning Objectives

In this course you will have developed skills in:
  • managing the challenges of working from home
  • prioritising activities and being effective with time
  • maintaining personal motivation
  • avoiding exhaustion and burn out

This 2 hour workshop will be an interactive on-line learning experience with tutor input, facilitated group discussion and small break out group activities.  You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire prior to attending the workshop (to follow).  We will use your ideas from this to inform our learning during the workshop.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who feels they would perform better if they could improve their ability to manage their workload.  The course has particular relevance as we transition into new ways of working.

This session is ONLY available to those who have signed up to the PEAR women's development programme.

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