ILM Project Management (Endorsed award)
Duration 2.5 days
Team Professional Development

Course description
This course is designed to equip people to manage projects that need to be undertaken within their department.  Typically, people will be doing these projects in addition to other aspects of their role.  We will explore the University's Project Management Framework over a series of three, two-hour sessions.  However, rather than  just being theoretical, for the qualification you will be required to complete a business case document, which is the culmination of the first stage of the planning process.  The project should be one that is required within your department and one in which you will take the lead as the project manager.  Your business case submission, which will be assessed, will be required approximately three months after the final on-line session.

Note: the actual completion of the project is outside of the scope of the qualification, so you will not need to have completed this by the time you submit the business case.

Topics covered include:

  • The University of Nottingham's project management framework and how to use it to successfully manage projects;
  • Key documents from the framework, particularly the business case and project initiation documents;
  • Key project management tools such as GANTT charts, communication plans and risk analysis to manage a project;
  • The 'human factors' to project success, such as stakeholder management and engagement;
  • Dealing with typical things that can cause projects to fail.


Who should attend

This programme is designed for University staff in all job families who manage projects as part of their role.

This course is not open to postgraduate students.


There is a £150 charge payable by the School/Department to attend this course and you must attend all of the days to gain certification.



Registration process

Please complete the registration form so we can register you with the ILM.

The information you provide will only be shared between the programme tutor and the ILM for registration purposes.

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