Presentation Skills: Structure and Technique
Duration 1.5 Hours
Training Points 2.0
Team Professional Development
Who should attend
Staff and postgraduate students looking to develop their understanding of how to prepare an effective presentation.

Course Description
This course is all about preparing for presentations and considering the skills you will need to deliver them effectively.

Topics covered include:
Structure:  - hooking your audience with your introduction; developing your content in a compelling way; finishing with a flourish with a great conclusion.

Techniques: using your voice; using your body language; great visual aids; mastering the tech - either presenting in person or online... and how to gain confidence in all of this!

This course should enable you to gain the knowledge required to develop great presentations.  However, knowing how to do something and being able to do it are two different things.  Once you have attended this course you will be able to book on to the Presentation Skills: Practicing and Reviewing online course.  
On that course you will be asked to present, both using visual aids and without, and you will receive feedback to help with your further development.

NOTE: Postgraduate students looking for specific guidance on presenting in a research environment should check if any courses are running that may be more suitable.







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