Campus Solutions Essentials
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses

Event Audience
Any user of Campus Solutions that will be amending or updating Student Records.

Campus Solutions Essentials is an introductory course to Campus Solutions for users who will be expected to use the system regularly to edit student records.  If you are a user that will not be editing students records but expected to look up student record information, ‘Campus Solutions: Finding Student Record Information in a Campus Solutions: for APM staff’ may be a more appropriate course.

Learning outcomes

  • able to navigate the system menu;
  • able to common features such as favourites and searching for data;
  • understanding of Campus Solutions terminology;
  • able to explore student records and understand where to see personal and academic information (including notes and documents);
  • understand the basics of curriculum data and how to view Plan, Course and Class roster information.
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