Data Carpentry
Duration 2 days
Team Researcher Academy

This face-to-face course is run by the Researcher Academy

The Researcher Academy courses are very popular, and the majority are run in both semesters to give you the opportunity to attend at a time of the year that suits you. 

Target audience: PGRs, ECRs 

Content will be predominantly targeted at social sciences researchers but skills learnt will be appropriate for any discipline. 

Course is an introduction to these topics and is not appropriate for those who are already competent programmers in R & SQL 


You will need to bring your own wifi-enabled laptop or PC to this session.

2 day course using the Data Carpentry for Social Sciences Curriculum. Taught by a certified Data Carpentry instructor. 

Day 1 AM: Data Organisation 

In this lesson, you will learn good data entry practices, how to avoid common formatting mistakes, approaches for handling dates, basic quality control and data manipulation, and exporting data from spreadsheets 

Day 1 PM: Data Management with SQL 

This lesson will teach you what relational databases are, how you can load data into them and how you can query databases to extract just the information that you need. 

Day 2: Data Analysis and Visualisation with R 

This is an introduction to R designed for participants with no programming experience. It includes basic information about R syntax, the RStudio interface, data frames, factors, calculating summary statistics, and a brief introduction to plotting. 

Process: Practical computer based workshop 

Course Accessibility

The following table shows a summary of what is needed to participate in the course. 

If you feel you will experience difficulties participating, please let us know via the ‘special requirements’ tab, providing as much information as possible. The special requirements tab can be completed when you book your place. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at

Access and/or complete self-study/ pre-course tasks prior to main session 
Access to specific software on 
laptop/ PC  
Bring your own 
laptop/ PC to the course
Access seminar room 
on campus (or) access computer room on campus  
Attend the course at the specified 
date and time 
Watch and listen to the course tutor(s) and/or other attendees 
Follow presentation slides during the course 
Work from multiple windows and files open at one time on laptop/ PC
Take part in group activities/ discussions 

Booking Conditions

Our courses are very popular, especially in the current period, and we are experiencing large volumes of people on our waiting lists.  

Please do let us know if you would like to cancel your place on this course so we can offer your place to another delegate. 

PLEASE NOTE: attendance will be recorded; non-attendance might impact your ability to book future courses.


Basic computational knowledge eg. Excel 

Basic statistical knowledge e.g descriptive statistics, bar charts etc. 

Attendees must bring their own laptops and the following set up process should be carried out before the session: 

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