Developing Innovative, Enterprising, Knowledge Exchange Focussed Mind-sets
Duration 1 day

Welcome to the Researcher Academy’s Training Programme on Developing Innovative, Enterprising, Knowledge Exchange (KE) Focussed Mind-sets

Important information: places are limited and offered to researchers on condition they commit to a series and sequence of connected online and in person workshops. Those who do so will be awarded a certificate in Embracing an Innovative & KE Focussed Mind-set.

Embarking on a research journey means developing and adopting an innovative, enterprising, knowledge exchange (KE) and impact focussed mind-set overtime and immersing oneself in this sort of culture.

Developing Innovative, Enterprising, Knowledge Exchange (KE) Focussed Mind-sets’ offers a programme of training activities designed to help researchers, technicians and research support colleagues at an early stage in their career, unlock, unpack, explore and develop the ‘enterprising’ and KE mind-set, culture and ethos in research active contexts and in readiness for their onward career journeys where-ever that path takes them.

Follow this new programme to raise your own awareness, help your ideas reach further, build complimentary skills employers look for and tip the balance in your favour!

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This programme is open to delegates from all disciplines, levels and stages.

We also have our Training Hub, which gives you further information about our core and faculty training programmes and Researcher Academy faculty inductions.

Pre-Requisites A short questionnaire will be sent for you to fill out. This must be completed and resulting generated profile read before attending introductory workshop.
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