Research in Action 2024: Skills, Tools, and Current Debates
Duration 5 days
Research in Action 2024: Skills, Tools, and Current Debates (17th -21st June)

Target Audience:
All staff and postgraduate research students.

PGT who are preparing to undertake a research project as part of their programme of study may also attend

Course Description: 
To strengthen the integrity of research conducted across the University, the University of Nottingham Research Integrity and Research Ethics Committee with the Support of Research and Innovation and working with the Researcher Academy, have organised the Research Integrity Week for the fourth consecutive year, commencing the week of June 17, 2024. 

To reflect the value and activities across all research career stages the Committee has decided to change the name from Research Integrity Week to “Research in Action 2024: Skills, Tools, and Current Debates 

This year's program delves into crucial topics shaping the landscape of research, including the ethical dimensions of social media, fake participants in research, exploring research involving BAME and indigenous communities, and navigating the complexities of Human Tissue in research.

The sessions include insights into teams and resources from across the university that support researchers, covering areas such as Research Contracts, Post Award management, Research Information Systems, Trusted Research, and NHS ethics. 

Renowned organisations such as the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) and The UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) will share their expertise, guiding participants on fostering a healthy research culture and collectively working towards improving research quality and integrity. 

Researchers stand to gain valuable insights, making Research in Action week an invaluable opportunity for both staff and students.  

You can register for the sessions outlined below individually by clicking on each session: 

Session 1: Monday 17 June 2024: 11am-12:30pm  Introduction to the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) 
Session 2: Monday 17 June 2024: 2pm-3:30pm  Introduction to Research Contracts - Tips and Advice 
Session 3: Tuesday 18 June 2024: 10:30am-12pm Social Media and Research Ethics
Session 4: Tuesday 18 June 2024: 1pm-2:30pm Research Information System (RIS) at UoN 
Session 5: Wed 19 June 2024: 10am – 11:30am  - Good research practice and a healthy research culture (UKRIO) 
Session 6: Wed 19 June 2024: 12pm-1:30pm Trusted Research and Export Controls  
Session 7: Wed 19 June 2024: 2pm-3:30pm Research Post Award- Financial Management and Compliance 
Session 8: Thursday 20 June 2024: 10:30am-12pm Fake Participants in Online Research 
Session 9: Thursday 20 June 2024: 1pm-2:30pm Human Tissue at UoN 
Session 11: Friday 21st June 2024: 1pm-2:30pm NHS Research at UoN

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