Achieving Better Sleep
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses
This event is for Staff only.

We all know that sleep is important but getting good sleep can sometimes be difficult.  Learn more about why we need sleep, how poor sleep is affecting your general health and wellbeing and how some simple strategies can help you get a more restful and relaxing nights sleep, leaving you feeling healthier, happier and more able to tackle the day ahead.


  • To gain a better understanding of sleep matters
  • To learn techniques, hints and tips to improve sleep
  • To understand the effects of poor sleep on daily living and work


  • Why do we need sleep?  And how much do we need?
  • The effects of poor sleep
  • Sleep architecture
  • Circadian Clock and Ultradian Rhythm
  • Myth busters; True or False
  • What causes poor sleep
  • Sleep Disorders & sleep medication
  • Sleep Hygiene


This workshop will be run by Occupational Therapy clinicians from Healthy Working Futures and will be based on a health-based approach to making changes.
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