Key Moodle Basics: An Introduction to Moodle
Duration 0.5 days
Team Learning Technology

Course Description
This 'hands-on' workshop is an introduction to Moodle, the University's virtual learning environment.  It is designed to give you the knowledge and understanding on how to use Moodle and to design your module area, whether starting from scratch or including materials from previous years.

Learning outcomes
  *  Outline the features and advantages of Moodle and the Moodle interface
  *  Understand how to customise your module in Moodle
  *  Design and create activities and resources appropriate to your teaching style
  *  Manage and track students within Moodle.

Who should attend?
Those academic staff who teach, administrative staff who support teaching and postgraduate researchers who support the teaching of undergraduates using the virtual learning environment.

No PG credit is offered for this workshop.

LocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
Online in Teams19 May 202119 May 20212:00pm - 3:30pm20
Online in Teams24 May 202124 May 202110:00am - 11:30am21
Online in Teams08 June 202108 June 20212:00pm - 3:30pm23
Online in Teams17 June 202117 June 202110:00am - 11:30am24
Online in Teams22 June 202122 June 20212:00pm - 3:30pm24
Online in Teams02 July 202102 July 20211:00pm - 2:30pm24
Online in Teams06 July 202106 July 202111:00am - 12:30pm24
Online in Teams14 July 202114 July 20212:00pm - 3:30pm24
Online in Teams23 July 202123 July 202111:00am - 12:30pm24
Online in Teams03 August 202103 August 202110:30am - 12:00pm24
Online in Teams12 August 202112 August 202110:00am - 11:30am24