TLDP A1 Design and Planning
Duration 0.5 days
Team Professional Development
Designing Learning: This interactive workshop provides you with the opportunity to critically reflect on your practice. It specifically focuses on processes involved with designing and planning learning activities within your discipline and asks critical questions such as:
  • Develop an evidence base to support claim for teaching recognition; Understand module and session design and how it applies to own discipline
  • Why do you design and plan learning activities in this way?
  • How do you know this approach works?
  • What impact does this have on student learning and/or outcomes?

Participants will be introduced to key pedagogic literature to support their critical reflections.

By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Articulate why learning activities within own discipline are designed and planned in a particular way
  • Provide a detailed argument that is embedded within key pedagogic literature to support own approach to designing and planning learning activities
  • Evidence their practice to support a claim for either Associate Fellow or Fellow

Describe the University’s position with regard to reward and recognition of teaching and the continuing professional development of its staff.

  • Relate the core elements of the UKPSF to practice.
  • Navigate the Nottingham Recognition Scheme (NRS) processes, requirements and support available.
  • Explain the role of  Mentors and the Reviewers in the NRS.
  • Begin planning a claim and developmental activity.


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