Microsoft Word Module 2: Work effectively with margins, breaks, headers and footers
Duration 2 Hours
Team Central Short Courses
In this course, you will learn how to set up the layout of the document, either the whole or individual pages, including elements such as the margins, the gutter (e.g. the binding area), number of columns, how headers and footers appear, how you can set page numbers to automatically flow from one section or document to another.

Learning outcomes:
  • Work effectively with margin features that can drastically affect the page layout of your document
  • Use page breaks to control where a page ends and where a new page begins
  • Add section breaks to change and customise your document's headers and footers, format, layout, and page numbering
  • Insert headers and footers
  • Tailor number formatting across sections/chapters in footers (e.g. Table of Contents numbered using roman numerals e.g. i, ii, iii)


Delegates are required to have Microsoft Word 2016 or above installed on their computer.  The features and techniques used in the course cannot be completed in the online Office365 version of Microsoft Word.


This course will be delivered entirely online via Teams with course Leader input, demonstrations, and hands-on practical sessions.  If you don't already have Teams installed then please see for more information.  

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