CELE-Academic Discussion Skills (4 weeks)
Duration 4 days
Team Centre For English Language Education

Academic Discussion Skills

Duration: 4 weeks

Aims and objectives

This course aims to introduce you to the language and communication skills of academic discussions. It will look at the importance and purpose(s) of seminar discussion in academic learning and aims to help you develop a range of discussion skills, strategies and language which you should find useful for the preparation of, participation in and reflection on seminar discussions.

Each session will provide opportunities to participate in the discussion of a range of academic-related topics. Specifically, the module will help you to: 

  • understand the essential nature of academic discussion as a way of learning and co-constructing knowledge
  • develop appropriate language and skills to enable you prepare for, participate in and reflect on your own contributions in seminar discussions 
  • develop ways of dealing with common ‘speaker moves’ in seminar discussion (for example clarifying others’ statements and claims; responding critically to others’ views; providing effective support for claims, position and arguments) 
  • build strategies and confidence for contributing to and managing seminar discussions 
  • participate effectively in seminar discussion and receive feedback, suggestions, and encouragement from both peers and tutor 
Week 1 The importance/purposes and issues of participation in seminar discussion 
Week 2 Preparation for seminar discussions; ‘taking the floor’, plus discussion 
Week 3 Supporting your claims/position/argument, plus discussion  
Week 4 Active listening; clarification; responding to others’ points, claims and arguments, plus discussion  
LocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
University Park08 March 202308, 15, 22, 29 March 20232:30pm - 4:00pm10