ALACS- Academic Writing: Developing Scientific Arguments
Duration 6 days
Team Centre For English Language Education

Academic Writing: Developing Scientific Arguments

Duration: 6 weeks

Aims and objectives

The purpose of this course is to help you to produce more effective argumentative writing within your science discipline. Key aims of the course are to: 

  • develop familiarity with common features of scientific arguments through the analysis of examples 
  • consider the reasons underpinning these features of scientific writing 
  • provide opportunities for controlled practice in producing these features of scientific argumentative writing  
Week 1 Anatomy of a scientific argument
Week 2 Stance part 1 - expressing caution
Week 3 Stance part 2 - boosters and self mentions
Week 4 Erros and limitations
Week 5 Organisation: coherence and cohesion
Week 6 Clarity and conciseness
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