Consultation - Richard
Duration 30 Minutes
In a consultation, the tutor will help you with any questions you might have regarding using English in an academic setting. If you would like the tutor to look at some of your writing for you, you should send it to the tutor at least 48 hours before the consultation.

Please note that, for writing:
     a) It is only feasible to look at around 1000 words in 30 minutes so please do not send more than that.
     b) We do not proofread but we do make detailed suggestions on your use of language.
If you find that you will not be able to attend the consultation for some reason, please cancel the slot in good time.

For the foreseeable future only online tutorials will be offered. I am happy to discuss any questions or issues you may have via email or the chat application found on the online version of outlook.  I will dedicate 30mins to responding to your questions during your allocated times . The chat icon can be found in the ribbon at the top of the page (S).Click on the icon, search for my name and then click on my name - a chat window should open in the bottom-right hand corner. Type a message in the box at the bottom of this window to say hi, and we can then start chatting (please be patient, I might not respond immediately, but don't close the window!)
Pre-Requisites If you wish to send writing to the tutor, the address is
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