Introduction to Ransomware (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 15 minutes worth of content
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Introduction to Ransomware (Online Course with Assessment)

We have a blue pill and a red pill... 

You could take the blue pill - continue as you are, innocently walking through life, oblivious to the nasty cyber risks around you...

...Or you could take the red pill, and we’ll open your eyes to the dark reality of ransomware…

About the course

Ransomware is malicious software that holds your personal files hostage, makes them unreadable, and demands a payment to release them.

We’ll go into detail so you have a comprehensive understanding of Encryption and Cybersecurity.

You’ll take away tips on keeping your information safe, and how to stop future attacks from taking place.

Learning objectives

• Information Security
• Cybersecurity
• Encryption
• How to protect your data
• Preventing attacks

Who is it for?

• Anyone who uses a computer in either their home or personal life (so, most of us)
• Any businesses who store client or customer information on file, and would like to keep their reputation intact.
• Anyone interested in the world of ransomware, who’d like to know more.

Course format: There's 15 minutes worth of content
Pass Rate Required: 80%

We’ll use a mix of animated videos and slides to make sure our learning is engaging.
We’ll also speak in Plain English so you can actually finish the course feeling like you’ve learnt some useful stuff. And we’ll tell you everything we think you need to know, and then test you with a quiz.
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