Malware & Viruses (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 10 minutes worth of content
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Malware & Viruses (Online Course with Assessment)

About the course

Let’s be honest – whether it’s work or at home, we all use computers. And we love them, they’re great. But sadly, there are people out there who use them for bad. They’ll try and get hold of your stuff, steal your fles, or even control your computer. Frightening, right? So – we’ll tell you the different types of malware you need to know about, who creates this software, and why.

And as a bonus, you’ll learn how to protect yourself and prevent any nasty attacks!

Who is it for?

• Anyone using a computer storing sensitive or personal data.
• People using computers at work to store company/customer information.
• Basically, anyone using a computer…

Learning Objectives

• What are viruses and malware, and the different types
• Who’s to blame
• Why people do it
• How to protect yourself and your company

Course format: There's 10 minutes worth of content
Pass Rate Required: 100%

Interesting, relevant content with animated videos and interactive slides.
Plus – we’ll end the course with a load of tips to avoid being taken advantage of.
Pre-Requisites Please use this link to access the Malware & Viruses Infographic
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