Ransomware & Cybercrime (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 10 minutes worth of content
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Ransomware & Cybercrime (Online Course with Assessment)

About the course

Ransomware is a type of Cybercrime that pretty much anyone using a computer should know about. Cybercrime is rife, and you we want you to understand how to protect yourself from it.

Without the right protection and preventative measures, Ransomware can prey on you.

So, we’ll arm you with tips you can put into practice straight away.

Whether you’re a business who keeps important customer information on file, or you just don’t fancy losing all of your own files, photos and docs – we’re betting you’ll find this information incredibly useful.

Learning objectives

In this course, we will:
• Explain what constitutes Cybercrime, and different types of it
• Detail The WannaCry Attack of 2017, the most severe Ransomware attack to date
• Tell you how thousands of people could have avoided the attack

Learning Outcomes

You will come away with:
• An understanding of how ransomware can affect your life
• Tips for preventing an attack
• Knowledge of how to protect yourself and your network

course format: There's 10 minutes worth of content
Pass Rate Required: 100%

Easy-to-digest learning, written in Plain English. We’ll explain the subject, give you an interesting real-life case, then tell you exactly how to stop it happening to you.
Go on then, we’ll even chuck in a mini-quiz to cement that learning right in.
Pre-Requisites Please use this link to access the Ransomware & Cybercrime Infographic
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