Social Engineering (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 15 minutes worth of content
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Social Engineering (Online Course with Assessment)

Sometimes, people are easier to hack than computers.

Hackers know this and will use it as an easy way into computer systems.

You need to know how to protect yourself. This course will help.

About the course

The course is an overview of social engineering techniques. It’s designed to help you understand where threats to your data are coming from, and how you can protect yourself.

It forms part of the cybersecurity collection and can be taken either as a standalone course or as part of the collection as a whole.

Key insights

• What social engineering is
• Common types of social engineers
• Popular social engineering techniques and tactics, and how they’re used
• How you can help your organisation take effective preventative measures

Who is it for?

• Employers who’d like to make sure their staff are behaving safely
• Employees who’d like to avoid being the weak link in their company’s IT defenses
• Anyone concerned about being “used” by hackers generally

Course format: Course Format: There's 15 minutes worth of content
Pass rate required: 80%

This course uses animated explainer videos to get the key information across in a way that’s accessible and (hopefully) not boring.

We know with IT subjects, things can get a bit dry and you can switch off. That’s why the videos are in digestible chunks, interspersed with clickthroughs and activities to keep you awake.

There’s also a question section at the end to help the learning stick, as well as blended learning materials like workbooks and infographics to take the learning offline.
Pre-Requisites Please use this link to access the Social Engineering Workbook

Please use this link to access the Social Engineering Infographic
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