Vulnerable Customers (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 20 minutes worth of content
Team PD eLearning
Vulnerable Customers (Online Course with Assessment)

You’re not a terrible person if you’ve ever felt awkward when it comes to helping a vulnerable customer. 
Even if you might otherwise have felt entirely comfortable, the laws of political correctness move so quickly, it’s hard to know what’s socially acceptable.

About the course

The bottom line is the same as with all customers: Empathy. The golden rule – treat others how you’d want to be treated.

But is there more to it than that?

This course explores how companies can adopt policies that help them to interact with and service vulnerable customers in a considerate way.

We’ll make sure everyone taking it understands exactly what vulnerability means, entails and results in.

Learning objectives

• Identifying vulnerability, and noticing the signs.
• Common situations.
• Communication skills
• Data Protection and third-party vulnerability disclosure
• The TEXAS approach

Who is it for?

• Employers who want to ensure their staff know how to deal with vulnerable customers in a respectful way
• Employees who’d like to know what things to consider when dealing with vulnerable customers
• Anyone dealing with the general public who could benefit from additional skills and knowledge

Course format: Course format: There's 20 minutes worth of content
Pass Rate Required: 80%

We’ll use animated explainer videos, interactive slides, and quiz questions to provide the key information in a really accessible way. The aim is to have everyone who takes the course be fully confident about assisting vulnerable customers going forward.

Despite the serious subject material, the content will be offered in an enjoyable way. The kind of content you’ll actually want to take.

There’ll even be a short activity and a quiz at the end to make sure the learning sticks!
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