Anxiety and Panic Attacks (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 5 minutes worth of content
Team PD eLearning
Anxiety and Panic Attacks (Online Course)

About the course

Ever feel like you have lost the ability to take control of your emotions? Or feel consumed by negative thoughts?
Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems worldwide.

Key insights

• What anxiety is and how it affects you.
• What panic attacks are and their physical symptoms.
• Some practical coping skills.

Who is it for?

• Anyone suffering with anxiety and/or panic attacks.
• Anyone looking to learn some anxiety-related coping skills.
• Anyone interested in understanding more about mental health.

Course format: There's 5 minutes worth of content
Pass Rate Required: 80%

The Mental Health collection provides you with fundamental knowledge through short,
concise courses. You will learn key information about mental health and coping skills which you can take away and apply in your daily life.
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