The Five ways to Wellbeing (Online Course)
Duration 10 minutes worth of content
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The Five ways to Wellbeing (Online Course)

Caring for your mind is as important and crucial as caring for the body.

About the Course

The ‘five ways to wellbeing’ steps are a set of evidence-based actions researched by the New Economics Foundation.

They are based on simple things you can do every day to improve your mental wellbeing.

Because the things you do every day are so crucial to your overall experience of life, the five ways are a great place to start your journey to achieving high wellbeing.

The course has five short sections learners can work through, packed with tips and practical advice designed to
improve overall mental wellbeing.

Key Insights

Connect - There is strong evidence that indicates that feeling close to and valued by other people are fundamental human needs that contribute to functioning well in the world.

Be active - Research shows that regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups.

Take notice - Studies have shown that being aware of what is taking place in the present directly enhances your wellbeing. Savouring ‘the moment’ can help to reaffirm your life priorities.

Learn - Continued learning through life enhances self-esteem and encourages social interaction and a more active life.

Give - Individuals who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy.

Who is it for?

The course is ideal for all employees regardless of position or company level.

Course Format: There's 10 minutes worth of content
Pass Rate Required: N/A

This bite-sized course includes a short animated explainer video as well as practical steps employees can follow to
stay healthy and happy at work.
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