Giving and Receiving Feedback (Online Course)
Duration 20 minutes worth of content
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Giving and Receiving Feedback (Online Course)

Why do we find it so difficult to tell employees (and family and friends for that matter) that they are doing something wrong and need to change?

Once you’ve completed this course we hope any feedback fears you might have had will be gone and you’ll see
feedback as the powerful tool that it is.

When we analyse our response to feedback we can see that our brains are actually playing a trick on us by responding to feedback as a threat - when it should be considered a crucial opportunity to learn something. Even when feedback is offered with our best interests at heart, we tend to defect it. In doing so, we dismiss observations about our behaviour that can actually help us be more effective in critical areas of our work and lives. This course will rewire the way you think about feedback. Your business needs brave and fearless managers who know how to give and receive feedback, and this course is packed full of ideas to help you.

Key Insights

• Perfect delivery – How to give feedback to others.
• Feedback ffights– 2 simple tricks to avoid getting into a feedback fight, and instead, tap into people’s curiosity.
• How to receive feedback – Discover why feedback is never a one-way street, and improve your ability to receive feedback in four easy to follow steps.

Who is it for?

• Anyone who manages people and needs to provide on-going feedback and support.
• Anyone who currently responds to feedback with defensiveness or avoidance.
• Anyone who avoids giving feedback because they are worried about how other people will react.

Course Format: There's 20 minutes worth of content

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