Motivation - Process-Based Theory (Online Course)
Duration 15 minutes worth of content
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Motivation - Process-Based Theory (Online Course)

Motivation is key to your company. It’s what fuels good ideas, drives hard work, and encourages teamwork. There are many theories that view motivation as an action aimed at satisfying a need. However, there is other research that views motivation as a rational process. It claims that individuals analyze their environment, develop thoughts and feelings, and react in certain ways. Process theories attempt to explain the thought processes of individuals who demonstrate motivated behavior.

Course Topics
The basic concepts of process-based motivation by reviewing equity theory through this new lens
The concept of justice process-based motivation
How people think about and react to equity and inequity
Understand how employees can be motivated or demotivated by their perceptions of justice
Other need-based theories and their business ramifications

Course Format: There's 15 minutes worth of content
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