Office 2016: 1. Basic (Online Course)
Duration 1h 10m worth of content
Team PD eLearning
Office 2016: Basic (Online Course)

Everyone uses Office, don't they!?  Well if not, why not learn the basics?

About the course

So, you want to learn about Office 2016, which is fine – There are a few key differences between this and previous versions of Office.

On the other hand, you might not have used any Office products before, which is also fine.

Either way, this course will help you get the hang of things by giving you an overview of what’s on offer.

Key insights

• Creating new documents, opening and saving files
• The ribbons
• Help tools
• Customising, cutting, copying and pasting
• Settings and more

Who is it for?

• Anyone new to the Office 2016 suite
• Anyone who’d like to improve their Office skills
• Anyone who uses Office 2016 for work

Course format: There's 1 hour 10 minutes worth of content

We know you want to learn all about Office 2016, but we also know that your time is precious.
That’s the exact reason we’ve created them in small chunks, to enable you to dip in and out when it suits you.
You can spend as little as 3 minutes to learn something new, or refresh your memory if you’ve simply forgotten

Or if you've got a little more time available you could start to crack through one of the courses on your journey to
becoming an Office Wizard and supercharging your efficiency and career.

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