Office 2016: 2. Intermediate (Online Course)
Duration 20m worth of content
Team PD eLearning
Office 2016: Intermediate (Online Course)

Most people can get by using Office 2016. Which is reasonable, I mean it’s pretty user-friendly.
That said, it’s a lot trickier getting to grips with everything it has to offer unless you’re taught. That’s where this course comes in!

Office is used in so many businesses, it’s really worth knowing about. But not just knowing about, but knowing how to use it to the fullest. Because as a suite, there’s a lot to it.

This course will help you build on your existing Office 2016 knowledge to become even more efficient!

Key insights

• Building on your current Office 2016 skills
• Key skills for each program
• Tips and tricks

Who is it for?

• Anyone familiar with Office 2016 already
• Anyone who’d like to improve their Office skills
• Anyone who uses Office 2016 for work

Course format:  There's 20 minutes worth of content

We know you want to learn all about Office 2016, but we also know that your time is precious.
That’s the exact reason we’ve created them in small chunks, to enable you to dip in and out when it suits you.
You can spend as little as 3 minutes to learn something new, or refresh your memory if you’ve simply forgotten something.

Or if you’ve a little more time available you could start to crack through one of the courses on your journey to
becoming an Offce Wizard and supercharging your effciency and career.
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