Bribery Act - Protecting Against Bribery And Corruption In The Workplace (Online Course)
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Bribery Act Protecting Against Bribery And Corruption In The Workplace (Online Course)

The UK Bribery Act, which was passed in 2010, introduces an offence of corporate failure to prevent bribery. The defence for a company against this liability is to prove that it had adequate procedures in place to prevent bribery. This Guidance from Accredited Skills is designed to assist companies to comply with the Bribery Act by providing clear, practical advice on good practice anti-bribery systems that constitute ‘adequate procedures’ for compliance with the Bribery Act.

About the Course

Each time a company pays a bribe it’s contributing, even in a small way, to perpetuate a system of corruption that
embeds poverty and equality. Poorly equipped schools, counterfeit medicine and elections decided by money are
just some of the consequences of corruption and bribery. Corruption is perhaps the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development. This is why countries have gone to such great lengths to outlaw and combat corruption in many forms.

In the UK, this takes the form of the Bribery Act 2010.
It’s a serious bit of legislation designed to combat financial crime and has major implications for both companies and individuals. This course covers what you need to know and will help you understand your responsibilities under the act.

Course Topics

• Trailer
• Busting Bribery Myths
• The Bribery Act – what you need to know
• Summary

Who is it for?

This module is targeted primarily at individuals who are employed by businesses; however, it will also be of use to anyone who would like to increase their awareness of this new legislation.

Course format: There's 10 minutes worth of content
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