Harassment & Bullying at Work (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 5 minutes worth of content
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Harassment & Bullying at Work (Online Course with Assessment)

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Everybody should be treated with dignity and respect at work. Bullying and harassment of any kind should not be tolerated in the workplace. It can lead to increased levels of absence and staff turnover as well as reduced productivity and staff morale.

Its effects can be very harmful both to organisations and individuals.

About the Course

The aim of this course is to raise awareness of what bullying and harassment is and when it is taking place.

Delegates will be given an introduction to the subject and will learn new skills to enable them to recognise
harassment and bullying at work and the actions they should take to stop it and prevent reoccurrence.

Course Topics

• What workplace bullying and harassment actually is
• Legal obligations for employers, managers and employees
• How bullying and harassment can make you feel
• Where to get additional information or assistance

Who is it for?

The Harassment and Bullying course is designed to be suitable for every employee in an organisation.

Course format: There's 5 minutes worth of content

This is an exciting bite-sized animated explainer video with characterful voice over. The course is interactive providing delegates with fun challenges to ensure they retain the key learning objectives.

Pass Rate Required: 80%

Suggested Reading

Anyone who would like more detailed explanations or additional advice on the topic of harassment and bullying
should consult the following literature:

‘Preventing Workplace Harassment'
http://www.hse.gov.uk/violence/preventing-workplace-harassment.pdf’ – Health and Safety Executive

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