Creative Problem Solving (Online Course)
Duration 10 minutes worth of content
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Creative Problem Solving (Online Course)

Break free from conventional thinking to find innovative solutions to challenges.

About the Course

Solving problems and dealing with obstacles is a regular part of life.
But occasionally conventional thinking fails, and you need a fresh perspective to come up with innovative solutions, especially in the workplace.

This is where creative problem solving can help.

Creative problem solving is different from other forms of problem-solving because it encourages you to think outside the box.

The good news is everyone is creative in some way, and creative skills can be learned and enhanced.
This course will encourage you to think differently and find more creative solutions to problems, and it will help you to achieve this in three simple steps.

1. You’re going to explore what creative problem solving is.
2. You’re going to explore the four key principles of CPS in detail.
3. You’ll learn about a practical tool that you can use to increase your very own eureka moments where you work.

Key Insights

Eureka moments can occur seemingly out of the blue, and allow you to come up with solutions to previously unsolvable work problems.

When we search for a solution, we often think of rules that restrict us. Yet these rules only exist in our minds. CPS is the key that unlocks this mental box.

Occasionally conventional thinking fails, and you need a fresh perspective to come up with innovative solutions.
CPS can be simplified into four key principles.

CPS encourages you to separate your divergent thinking from your convergent thinking when problem-solving.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for new ways to solve problems at work.

Anyone managing people who require creative guidance.

Anyone committed to creating a creative culture in the workplace.

Course format: There's 10 minutes worth of content

Learn at your own pace during this exciting, animated explainer course. The course includes key theories, practical tools and fun challenges to help cement the learning outcomes.

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