Decision-Making Excellence (Online Course)
Duration 20 minutes worth of content
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Decision-Making Excellence (Online Course)

Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen

Decision-making is an important skill in almost every job and employers really value strong decision-makers in their teams. No matter what position you hold, from the boardroom to the mailroom, you’ll need to make decisions every day, decisions that can have a big impact on business.

About the Course

During this course, you will learn about the different types of decisions we make, how the human thinking process works and how to systematically make decisions using best practice tools. By improving your decision-making skills you are more likely to be selected for leadership roles and become more respected as a leader. People will seek your advice and in turn, your influence and network will increase. Once you’ve completed the course, you will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be a more effective decision-maker both inside and outside of work.

Course Topics

• Introduction; Why Decision Making Matters
• Philosophy of Decision Making
• 6 Hat Thinking
• Ladder of Inference
• System 1 & System 2 Thinking

Who is it for?
Leaders and decision makers are not limited to top managers in an organisation. This Decision-Making course is perfect for individuals at all levels who would like to improve their decision-making ability.

Course format: There's 10 minutes worth of content

Learn at your own pace during this exciting animated explainer course. The interactive course allows you to navigate the various sections which contain stories, activities, and takeaways. You will also get the opportunity to test your knowledge with quiz questions at the end of each topic.

Pass Rate Required: N/A

Suggested Reading
Anyone who would like more detailed explanations or additional advice on the topic of Decision Making should consult the following literature:
‘The Paradox of Choice’ – Barry Schwartz
‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ – Daniel Kahneman
‘Six Thinking Hats’ – Edward de Bono
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