The Public Speaking Guru Presenting with Impact (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 20 minutes worth of content
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The Public Speaking Guru Presenting with Impact (Online Course with Assessment)

You’ve worked hard writing your presentation.
Why would you want to waste all that effort by not being able to deliver it to the best of your ability?
This course will give you some tips for exactly that.

About the course

This course is for after you’ve got your presentation content ready.
It’ll give you an idea of how to structure it, the way you put it across to your audience.
It’ll also give you tips about how and when to allow questions and other interaction, as well as dealing with difficult audience members.
It works great in tandem with our other public speaking courses, too!

Key insights

• The art of storytelling
• Interactive presentation for increased engagement
• Handling difficult questions
• Developing an engaging presentation style

Who’s it for?

• Anyone who has to make presentations for work
• Anyone with a big speech or presentation coming up
• Anyone who has to engage in public speaking generally

Course format: There's 20 minutes worth of content

This course uses animated explainer videos to walk you through some of the big, important-to-know points regarding public speaking. It’s presented in a conversational, accessible way that (we hope) you’ll find ‘not boring’. 
To complement the videos, there’s a question and answer section to aid retention, a workbook, 
infographics… Basically, there's plenty for you to be getting on with whether you’re online or not. 
Check it out.

Pass Rate Required: 80%
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