The Public Speaking Guru Speech Writing (Online Course with Assessment)
Duration 15 minutes worth of content
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The Public Speaking Guru Speech Writing (Online Course with Assessment)

Most speeches need writing. Speeches are rarely given off the cuff. That’s more a rant or a ramble.
So really, all speeches start at the writing stage. That’s half the battle.
There are a few things you’ll need to know to ensure your speeches don’t suck before you’ve even given them. That’s what this course is here for.

About the course

This course looks at what you’ll need to know before you start writing, and what directions to take once you’ve put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, or speech to text generator).
Alongside the basics that all speeches should have, there are also an array of tips that you can pick and mix to best suit your own personal speech-creating style.

Key insights

• The questions to ask yourself before you start writing
• Top speech-writing tips
• Opening, concluding and structure

Who’s it for?

• Anyone who has to give speeches for work
• Employers whose staff could use improved speechwriting skills
• Anyone interested in becoming a better speechwriter generally

Course format: There's 15 minutes worth of content

This course uses animated explainer videos to convey the learning material in an interesting,
accessible way.
But it’s not all videos. There are click-through sections you can go through at your leisure so you’re not just sat there glued to the screen.
There are also blended learning resources such as infographics and workbooks to complement the online course.
All in all, it’s giving you the opportunity to learn whichever way suits you best.

Pass Rate Required: 80%
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