Project Management: Support & Benefits Realisation (Online Course)
Duration 5 minutes worth of content
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Project Management: Support & Benefits Realisation (Online Course)

Benefits realisation is about making sure you actually get the intended benefits originally planned for your project.

About the Course

The course shows you how to develop your own benefits realisation plan using a simple six-step formula. Creating a benefits realisation plan helps you track whether intended benefits have been realised and sustained after the end of the project. Furthermore, it helps to ensure a clear signposting of who is responsible for the delivery of those benefits.

Key Insights

• What is project benefit realisation?
• Six steps to creating the perfect benefits realisation plan
• How to use a benefits realisation table to signpost delivery responsibility

Who is it for?

• Anyone who would like to learn more about the world of project management
• Experienced project managers who want a refresher on the basics
• People looking to advance their careers by getting involved in project teams

Course format: There's 5 minutes worth of content

Learn at your own pace during this exciting animated explainer course. The interactive course allows you to navigate the different sections with topics explained via animated explainer videos and interesting stories.
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