The Law and Wellbeing Conversations (Online Course)
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The Law and Wellbeing Conversations (Online Course)

In this course, we explore the legal side of mental well-being and best practice approaches to starting conversations.

If you’re not a manager it may also be about understanding what you need to ask for, to get support for your mental wellbeing from the company. The course also explores the importance of wellbeing action plans and making sure you embed them into 1-2-1 as early as possible, ideally at the induction stage with a member of staff.

The course maps out the challenges that people may face, when they can reach out for certain things, and where they can get support from within and outside of the business.

Please Note: This course is part of a modular structure, so you are recommended to complete it in the following order:

Module 1: Mental Health in the Workplace

Module 2: Mental Wellbeing and Resilience

Module 3: Mental Health Supporting Others

Module 4: Mental Health The Law and Wellbeing Guidance Wellbeing Conversations

Module 5: Mental Health Managing your own self-care

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