Purchase Card Training
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses

Please Note: You will need to go to Procurement SharePoint site on https://uniofnottm.sharepoint.com/sites/ProcurementSharepointSite  for more details dates and how to book these courses, or email cards@nottingham.ac.uk.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the processes and responsibilities involved in using a Purchase Card.


  • Understand how the purchasing card works - the order processing cycle; control features; responsibilities; Merchant category codes; the Ordering process; account codes etc.
  • How to carry out Month end reconciliation using E-Solutions - finding transactions, understanding/editing VAT where necessary, etc.
  • How to approve transactions (for those with approval status only).

Pre Requisites

An understanding of how to use the internet is essential.



Who Should Attend

Any card-holder or manager/authorizer may attend these sessions.

Only for staff who have applied for and been approved to receive a Purchase Card. All new card applications will automatically be put onto the nearest training date prior to the card being issued. No cards will be issued without training.

Please see the Procurement Purchase Card pages for further information on the card programme.
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