The Enterprising Researcher
Duration 1.5 days
Team Researcher Academy

This course is delivered by the Researcher Academy


Target audience



Mid stage postgraduate research students [especially off-campus]
Early career researchers

This course is designed for postgraduate students who are interested in understanding more about the entrepreneurial aspects of a research career. It will allow you to consider your own entrepreneurial qualities as well as how to recognise opportunities within the research environment, and plan new ventures.

The course can be taken by postgraduates and early career research staff at any stage of the research process.


This is a standalone (self-study) online course.

This course is delivered entirely online via Moodle. You may access the course as often as you like until the end of the academic year.

Up to 3 training points are available for this course. If you would like to gain Researcher Academy training point/s for this course you must complete the short assessment tasks associated with it. Each section has an optional assessment attracting 1 training point.

Completion of the assessment is optional for students based at our UK and Malaysia Campus'.

Students based at our Ningbo China Campus are not required to complete the assessment.

Researchers across all 3 campuses can self-enrol on this course in Moodle by following this link:


 This resource has three sections:


1. Are you an entrepreneur?


In this section you’ll have the opportunity to learn about hypothetical and real-life entrepreneurial situations. You’ll also be prompted to assess your own motivation, goals, values, and skills.





By going through this section you will learn:


·        who owns inventions developed in academic research facilities

·        the processes by which technologies are transferred from academic research into the commercial realm

·        entrepreneurial motivation, purpose and goals

·        whether entrepreneurs are born or made

·        the importance of entrepreneurial characteristics, skills, and timing

·        the importance of social capital

·        entrepreneurial management skills

·        the stages of an entrepreneurial journey

·        common challenges faced by technology entrepreneurs

·        whether entrepreneurship is at odds with academic values




2. Opportunity recognition, creation and evaluation


The aims of this section are to:


·        introduce you to the nature of entrepreneurial opportunities

·        help you to spot opportunities, or indeed create them yourself

·        help you to understand and use tools for opportunity evaluation

·        introduce the fundamentals of business planning



3. Resources (people, teams, finance)

The aims of this section are to:


·        think in a logical and systematic way about the resources required to start a successful new venture

·        understand the importance of social capital

·        recruit and select founding team members

·        raise appropriate amounts of the right kind of financial capital

·        become aware of the sources of help and advice that are available to nascent entrepreneurs





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To enable you to consider and utilise your own entrepreneurial qualities and opportunities

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

·        be able to recognise and apply your own entrepreneurial motivations and skills

·        understand how to recognise, create and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities

·        know the key factors to consider when planning a new venture



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