Life Balance (for Staff)
Duration 3 Hours
Team Professional Development

Life Balance Workshops

The course will provide practical ways in which to review and achieve life balance. Highly practical, this course will focus on everyday changes you can make to improve your general health and well being in the context of busy lives. We will achieve this by:

·       Developing an awareness of the importance of achieving a sense of balance in life and have the opportunity to review our current situations

·       Explore the impact of over and under doing activities

·       Explore techniques for making changes, prioritising and achieving goals

·       Explore strategies to restore balance through pacing and effective energy conservation.

·       Explore influences on the management of health and look at ways to use these to promote healthy life balance and well being. These will include sleep, diet, exercise etc.


This workshop will be run by Occupational Therapy clinicians from Healthy Working Futures and will be based on a health-based approach to making changes. It will be an interactive workshop through group discussion offering practical techniques that can be used in the work environment and at home.


Who should attend?

This workshop is open to all staff of the University of Nottingham. 





Special Requirements

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