Healthy lunches: Advanced Mindfulness skills Programme 2016
Duration 0.25 days
Team Central Short Courses

These workshops provide experiential  learning of how to extend your mindfulness skills. The series of workshops will investigate how compassion can be brought into daily life and how it links with the clarity and balance that can arise from practising your mindfulness skills.

Please note that although the workshops do build on each other, we wish to offer you the opportunity to attend those that you have availability for.  Please use the booking links in the table below to book only the workshops you can attend. We have a limited availability of spaces!





Reminders of Mindfulness: Forgetting and remembering



Why do we need compassion? Emotion regulation systems

Managing the autonomic nervous system


Stress reactions and self-compassion

Compassionately dealing with the threat system


Burnout: the (over) drive system

Compassionately dealing with the drive system


Managing patterns of behaviourapplying the compassion mode

Working with human reactions


Relating to others and inclusivity

Developing connectedness


Absorbing the positive aspects of change

Absorbing the good


Delegating responsibility

Identifying responsibility


Impact of compassion and mindfulness in the workplace

Clarity and openness to experience


Why is compassion relevant?

Self-compassion has been identified by some leading teachers of well-being skills as the ‘new Mindfulness’ because it can help us to deepen our understanding of how we move through the difficult and towards a sense of thriving. See this recent article by the online magazine ‘Mindful’:

This series of workshops are based on evidence based resources on compassion as evidenced in van den Brink & Koster (2015) Mindfulness-basedCompassionate Living

Please note that these sessions have been tailored to fit into a lunchtime format to increase the possibility that staff can fit these into their busy working day.  The practical sessions are offered as an introductory pilot in response to demand from staff who wish to learn more about mindfulness after the Mindfulness skills programme

The sessions offer the opportunity to gain experience of practices to develop mindfulness and compassion in the workplace supported by group discussions.

Who should attend?

Staff who have some experience of mindfulness skills e.g. through the UoN Mindfulness skills programme. We recommend that if you do not have prior experience of mindfulness, you attend the workshop Introduction to Mindfulness:

 About the course tutor:

Dr Jo Bramham is a Professional Development Officer within UoN’s Professional Development team. She has trained as a Mindfulness teacher in accordance with the good practice guidelines identified by the UK Mindfulness-based teacher training network (who set the standards for teaching and manage the register for Mindfulness teachers).

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