Using Evaluate to create SET and / or SEM Surveys
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses
Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Use Evaluate to create Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) and / or Student Evaluation of Modules (SEM) surveys.
  • Understand the data required to be able to create a survey.
  • Understand the difference between a survey created using module information from the students records system (Saturn) and creating a survey without module information from Saturn.
  • Be able to edit a survey, to amend information, extend the end date etc.
  • Understand the operation of Evaluate from setting up, to collection, through data-basing of results.
  • Be supported in assigning questionnaires against individual teachers, their modules, dates and times.
  • Think about how the SET / SEM process information will be best communicated to Research and Teaching staff.
  • Be able to engage with the system using a student view to complete a SET and/ or SEM Survey.

This session will consist of tutor input and delegate participation in completing surveys and contributing to discussions.

Who should attend:
Staff who are currently the School / Department SET and/ or SEM Co-ordinator, or who will be undertaking this role.

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