Small Group Teaching

Title:Small Group Teaching

Duration:0.5 days
Training Units1.0
Central Short Courses
Who should attend

Anyone wishing to facilitate small group teaching more effectively.

Course Description:

This half day workshop aims to give advice on ways of designing, planning and leading small group teaching sessions such as seminars and tutorials. The focus will be on exploring a number of ways in which tutors can encourage all their students to participate, gain skills and learn effectively in their classes.

Course Tutor:

This course will be delivered by a member of the University’s Professional Development team. 

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the skills, abilities and attitudes commonly used by an effective tutor;
  • Explore (and experience) the use of several small group teaching methods and techniques;
  • Respond thoughtfully to a number of difference tutoring situations that they may encounter;
  • Consider how to respond to the diverse needs of their students.
  • Describe the key purposes of seminar and tutorial teaching in their disciplines;
  • Identify the most important features of an effective seminar/tutorial.

Recommended other course:

Using Active Listening Skills to Enhance Learning 

A Practical Look at Core Teaching Skills

UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

This workshop is particularly relevant to these dimensions of the framework:

  • Areas of Activity: A2

  • Core Knowledge: K2; K3

  • Professional Values: V1; V2 

Find out more about the Framework here.

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