Defibrillators – Familiarisation session in the use of defibrillators/AEDs

Title:Defibrillators – Familiarisation session in the use of defibrillators/AEDs

Duration:0.3 days
Safety Office

Defibrillators – Familiarisation session in the use of defibrillators/automated external defibrillators (AEDs)


Tutor: Russell Harrison-Paul


This session is open to all members of staff, particularly those who are already first aiders.


At each session there will be an initial short presentation at the designated start time, followed by an open supported practice session. Staff are not required to stay for the whole session but should aim to allow a minimum of an hour to have sufficient time to practice.


What are defibrillators/AEDs?


Portable AEDs are lightweight devices (stored in a small carry case) that are relatively easy to operate and are intended for use in emergency situations when a casualty has a serious cardiac rhythm disturbance causing unconsciousness, such as a heart attack. The quicker life saving first aid and a defibrillator are used on a casualty, the better the outlook for survival. The University has invested in a number of AEDs across all major campuses. They are designed to be used by anyone, regardless of whether or not they hold first aid qualifications.



In the absence of sessions available for booking, please see a short YouTube video explaining how to use the main type of AED we have here at the University


Please Note: if you book a place on this course and fail to attend or fail to give two working days notice of cancellation there will be a charge to cover costs.


If you are intending to travel by car to the training venue, please allow sufficient time to locate a parking space and to walk to the training venue, as parking may not be available immediately adjacent.

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