Advanced presentation skills for researchers (moderated online learning course)

Title:Advanced presentation skills for researchers (moderated online learning course)

Duration:5 days
Training Units2.0
The Graduate School

This course is delivered by the Graduate School

Target Audience

Mid and late stage postgraduate research student [especially off-campus]
Early career research staff

Please check that you are eligible for this course before you register.


The influence of an effective presentation can never be underestimated and the development and refinement of this key communication skill is invaluable for researchers at all stages of their academic careers. This online course is for you if you want to explore, in detail, some of the skills needed when delivering a presentation to a range of stakeholders. It is an interactive one week training course and is ideal if you have some experience and now want to achieve more with your presentations.




UK researchers: to book onto this course in Moodle please see the available dates at the bottom of the page and click on the 'Book' link. More detailed information on how to join the course will be sent to you shortly before the start of the course.
China and Malaysia researchers: to book on this course please make sure that dates are available at the bottom of this page and use this email link: to request a place. Please make sure you add the start date of the course to the email.

Please note: the course topics and discussions will change daily and follow-on from one another. Before registering for the course please ensure that your schedule will allow you to sign-in and post comments daily.


Timeframe: 1 week (5 days, Monday - Friday)

Your time input: Approximately 90 minutes per day at a time of your choosing.

There will be a number of learning exercises delivered through daily discussion forums. Your contributions to the discussion forums are your means of 'assessment' and you should expect to post messages and respond to the posts of others. Guidance will be provided throughout by the course tutor.

You will receive an email with a link to the course in Moodle a few days before the course starts and you must use this link the first time you log in. Please log in and post a message to the socialisation forum before the course commences if possible.



This course teaches the vital tricks and techniques that many researchers use to deliver clear presentations that have impact in both academic and non-academic settings. The course teaches you how to present yourself, your research team and your research in a way that will be remembered. Each day will provide a different challenge and will give you the opportunity to review your own experiences with other Nottingham researchers based in the UK, China and Malaysia. You will learn how to develop and convey ideas; to manage your audience and meet their expectations, and how to take control of the 'question and answer' session. The course will teach you how to better control the flow of your presentation and to pitch it at a pace and level that will increase understanding and appreciation. The skills that you learn in this course will benefit you not only in presentations, but in your future careers, job interviews, speeches and lectures.


Related Courses


This course provides an excellent follow-up to both Presentation Skills for Researchers (all disciplines) and Further Presentation Skills for Researchers




To further develop your skills of spoken communication, with particular reference to an academic context enabling you to deliver more effective and engaging presentations.




By the end of the course you will:


·        be able to structure and prepare an effective presentation

·        appreciate what contributes to making an quality, memorable presentation and be able to apply this to your own talks

·        be able to consider the needs of the different audiences for your research in order to tailor your presentations to specific groups

·        be able to assess and control the pace and level of your presentation in order to achieve maximum impact

·        understand and be able to apply approaches to managing audiences and “question and answer sessions” in order to deliver presentations with more confidence and control

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