Intellectual property in the research context (standalone online course)

Title:Intellectual property in the research context (standalone online course)

Duration:1 day
Training Units2.0
The Graduate School

This course is delivered by the Graduate School

Target audience


Mid stage postgraduate research students
Early career researchers




A lack of intellectual property (IP) awareness means that some researchers are missing an opportunity to commercialise their ideas, or are failing to prevent others unfairly exploiting their research. This is an ideal course for you if you would like to learn more about intellectual property and how it could be used in relation to your own research.




This is a standalone (self-study) course delivered entirely online via Moodle. You may access the course as often as you like until the end of the academic year.

Your time input: Approximately 90 mins to work thorough the course content. Allow a further 3-4 hours to complete the course task.

If you would like to gain Graduate School training points for this course you must complete the assessment task associated with it. Completion of the assessment is optional for students based at our UK and Malaysia Campus'.

Students based at our Ningbo China Campus are not required to complete the assessment.

Researchers across all 3 campuses can self-enrol on this course in Moodle by following this link:


This course provides an overview of key information and issues around Intellectual Property. The course includes a documentary presentation by Adam Hart-Davis, the well-known BBC presenter, interesting case studies and interviews with a range of academics and IP experts. Threaded through the course is also a story of two researchers trying to discover how to protect a new invention!

The course content covers the following areas:

·        The importance of IP in academia

·        Patents

·        Trademarks

·        Design rights

·        Copyright

·        Ownership

·        Publish or Patent

·        The morality debate

·        IP protection in academia


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Identifying & Managing Intellectual Property Issues in yourResearch




To develop your understanding of Intellectual Property and how to apply this to your own work.



By the end of the course you will:


·        Understand key information and issues related to intellectual property

·        Be able to identify the type of intellectual property you need to protect your work

·        Be able to list the steps necessary to obtain protection over your work

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