Preparing to use NVivo® (standalone online learning course)

Title:Preparing to use NVivo® (standalone online learning course)

Duration:0.5 days
Training Units1.0
The Graduate School

This course is delivered by the Graduate School

Target Audience


Mid stage postgraduate research students [especially off-campus]
Early career researchers






This course is for you if are new to qualitative research and curious about NVivo®; a widely used computer assisted qualitative data analysis software package which provides a potentially useful tool for the management and analysis of qualitative research data. Whether you are based in the UK, Malaysia or China this course will take you through some of the tools of NVivo® and why you might (or might not!) want to use them.


Please note, the skills addressed in this course are appropriate for both NVivo9® and NVivo10®. The latest version (11) is based on NVivo9® and NVivo 10. The extent of the differences are being investigated and the material will be updated in due course.

You can see details of the differences for yourself here:  


To study this course you must have access to the internet. You do not need access to the software for the first half of the course.


This is a standalone (self-study) online course.

This course is delivered entirely online via Moodle and is self-study. You may access the course as often as you like until the end of the academic year.

Researchers across all 3 campuses can self-enrol on this course in Moodle by following this link:

To gain Graduate School training points for this course you will need to complete a multiple choice assessment. The 'pass' mark is 70%, you may take the assessment as many times as you like.

If you would like to gain Graduate School training point/s for this course you must complete the short assessment tasks associated with it.

Completion of the assessment is optional for students based at our UK and Malaysia Campus'.

Students based at our Ningbo China Campus should not complete the assessment.

As this course provides no training on understanding the nature or analysis of qualitative data, it is recommended that you attend other courses specially designed for those purposes, such as, the Qualitative Methods Tutor and Research Interview Skills.


During this course you will be introduced to the software NVivo® and some of its features. The course will cover some of the strengths and limitations of using the software and its main functions. It will also allow you to familiarise yourself with the workspace and language used as well as providing the opportunity to begin practicing using NVivo®.

This course contains links and external content from QSR International, the makers of NVivo®. Embedded content is used with their permission.

Please note the course provides no training in the analysis of qualitative data.

Related Courses and Resources

The Graduate School does not run a classroom based NVivo® course however if you require additional support, drop in sessions are available as part of the JGC programme of events.

The Graduate School's online courses and resources workspace has a wealth of resources that may be useful to your research.  Visit our Qualitative Research Resources page for links to online learning objectives, video and materials from our occasional NVivo Seminars. 


To prepare you to use the basic functions of the software NVivo®.


By the end of this course you will:

·        understand the functions of NVivo®

·        be able to list some of the advantages and limitations of NVivo®

·        know that NVivo® does not analyse data

·        have considered your next step in your NVivo® training

·        have the basic skills to begin using NVivo® with your own data and take advantage of online support resources

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