Presentation skills for researchers (all disciplines)

Title:Presentation skills for researchers (all disciplines)

Duration:1 day
Training Units2.0
The Graduate School

This course is delivered by the Graduate School

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Target Audience

Early stage postgraduate research students

The ability to deliver an effective and engaging presentation is an essential skill for researchers from all disciplines, providing them with the means to communicate crucial aspects of their work to key audiences. This course is for you if you have very little experience of presenting or you have presented before but you didn't feel that the presentations were effective at getting your ideas across to the audience.

We'll help you to work through a recommend process for preparing and delivering a presentation providing you with some valuable experience of presenting in a supportive and encouraging environment. It will also help you to overcome the nerves you may feel if asked to present your work; even to a friendly audience of colleagues from your School/department/research group.

This course is designed for postgraduate research students from all disciplines, who would like to begin to develop effective presentation skills. This course is NOT for you if you are an experienced presenter and are confident that your presentations are usually effective. For course options for more experienced presenters please see the “related courses” section.


You should come having thought about some general themes that you would like to include in a 10 minute presentation about your research topic and constructed a draft presentation. You will be offered time to fine tune your presentation during the course of the day. If you are still in the process of developing your research topic you can base your presentation on research you have previously conducted e.g., as part of a masters or undergraduate course.


This course is a participative small group workshop delivered over one full-day.


This course will address all aspects of preparing and delivering a successful presentation. Led by the course tutor students will discuss:
• what makes a presentation effective and memorable
• how to prepare, structure and deliver a presentation
• the importance of considering the needs of the audience
• how to handle questions and comments
• controlling nerves

You’ll work with a group of fellow researchers and a Graduate School tutor to develop your presentation from the initial ideas stage through to the finished article.

You will then have the opportunity to prepare and deliver a 10 minute presentation to a small group of students and a facilitator following which you will receive constructive feedback on your content and delivery.

A whiteboard, flipchart and a computer with PowerPoint will be provided. The computer will be attached to either a data projector or an interactive whiteboard. Please feel free to bring your own laptop if you wish.

Related Courses

When you feel more confident about your presentations you can begin to refine your skills by attending Further Presentation Skills for Researchers and  Advanced Presentation Skills for Researchers (Moderated Online Learning Course)


To develop your skills of spoken communication, with particular reference to an academic context enabling you to deliver more effective and engaging presentations with increased confidence.


By the end of the course, you will:

• be able to structure and prepare an effective presentation
• Understand what contributes to making a quality, memorable presentation and be able to apply this to your own talks
• be able to consider the needs of the different audiences for your research in order to tailor your presentations to specific groups
• understand approaches to managing nerves and question sessions in order to deliver presentations with more confidence and control
• be able to apply feedback from peers to develop the content and delivery of your presentations

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