Statistical test advisor (an online tool)

Title:Statistical test advisor (an online tool)

Duration:0.5 days
Training Units1.0
Central Short Courses

This course is delivered by the Graduate School

Target audience


All postgraduate research students [especially off-campus]
Early career researchers

Statistical test advisor is an interactive and user-friendly online statistics tool that has been designed to help you find a suitable statistical method for your research and then help you perform the analysis in SPSS. If you are familiar with the basics of data collection and analysis and are looking for information about statistical methods then this is the course for you.


To study this course you must have access to the internet.

If you are not familiar with the basics of statistics, you are strongly advised to work your way through: 'Statistics: An Intuitive Introduction' first. Researchers across all 3 campuses can self-enrol on ‘Statistics: An Intuitive Introduction’ by following this link:


This is a standalone (self-study) online course.This course is delivered entirely online via Moodle and is self-study. You may access the course as often as you like until the end of the academic year.If you would like to gain Graduate School training point/s for this course you must complete the short assessment tasks associated with it. Completion of the assessment is optional for students based at our UK and Malaysia Campus'. Students based at our Ningbo China Campus are not required to complete the assessment.

Please note: These course tasks will be checked by a tutor who is also an experienced statistician. If the tutor feels that you need further guidance you will be contacted via email with advice.

Researchers across all 3 campuses can self-enrol on this course in Moodle by following this link:


This course will help you to select and perform the most appropriate statistical test for your research. In addition, by using the statistical test advisor, you become familiar with basic themes in data analysis. By browsing through the material, you will find how selecting the proper statistical test is dependent on both your research questions and the type of data that you need to evaluate.

After helping you find the analysis method, the statistical test advisor gives very clear explanations that enable you to perform the basic analyses using the popular statistical software 'SPSS'.

Statistical test advisor deals with essential techniques and basic, standard analyses but does assume some familiarity with basic statistical concepts and principles. If you are completely new to data collection and analysis, you may need to become more familiar with the basic principles of this subject before you will benefit much from this resource.

Related Courses

- Introduction to Quantitative Research

- Introduction to SPSS


To support you to identify and perform a statistical test appropriate for your research


After working through the statistical test advisor, you will be able to:

·        Explain the essential differences between different types of data commonly analysed in research projects

·        Identify the assumptions associated with each statistical technique, and decide whether a given analysis should be done using parametric or non-parametric techniques

·        Combine knowledge of the properties of the data and the analysis methods covered to be able to determine which statistical method(s) are most appropriate to use in a given research project

·        Analyse various common types of data using a range of basic, standard statistical techniques, to address specific research questions quantitatively and rigorously

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