Qualitative methods tutor (a moderated online learning course)

Title:Qualitative methods tutor (a moderated online learning course)

Duration:5 days
Training Units2.0
The Graduate School

This course is delivered by the Graduate School


Target audience

Mid stage postgraduate research students [especially off-campus]
Early career researchers

Do you want to know more about qualitative methods? Or are you about to use some qualitative techniques (e.g. focus groups, interviews or observations) as part of your research and want to refresh your skills? If so, this online course is for you. This course is designed for students from all academic backgrounds who are new to qualitative research and would like to learn more about its underlying principles and applications.

Please check that you are eligible for this course before you register.


To study this course you must have internet access.

UK researchers: to book onto this course in Moodle please see the available dates at the bottom of the page and click on the 'Book' link. More detailed information on how to join the course will be sent to you shortly before the start of the course.
China and Malaysia researchers: to book on this course please make sure that dates are available at the bottom of this page and use this email link: pg-training@nottingham.ac.uk to request a place. Please make sure you add the start date of the course to the email.

Please note: the course topics and discussions will change daily and follow-on from one another. Before registering for the course please ensure that your schedule will allow you to sign-in and post comments daily.


Timeframe: 1 week (5 working days, Monday - Friday / Wednesday - Wednesday)

Your time input: Approximately 90 mins per working day at a time of your choosing.

There will be a number of learning exercises delivered through daily discussion forums. Your contributions to the discussion forums are your means of 'assessment' and you should expect to post messages and respond to the posts of others. Guidance will be provided throughout by the course tutor.

You will receive an email with a link to the course in Moodle a few days before the course starts and you must use this link the first time you log in. Please log in and post a message to the socialisation forum before the course commences if possible.


The social world is a dynamic phenomenon, and in this way research methods that aim to explore the social world have to be a dynamic and flexible too. The course provides a summary of the theoretical approach to qualitative methods with additional suggestions for online resources. It will also give those who are about to employ the techniques a timely ‘refresher’ on the practicalities of engaging in techniques, such as focus groups, interviews and observations.

The course will help you think about how you can incorporate qualitative research methods into your research design. In addition, the course will deal with the practical elements of carrying out research using qualitative methods. By critically analysing research methods this course will help you to think strategically about applying these methods to your project.

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To provide you with an introduction and overview of the core principles of qualitative research, and the methods employed to research people and their social worlds.


By the end of the course you will

·        Understand the defining characteristics of the qualitative research paradigm

·        Have identified further resources

·        Understand key issues around qualitative data collection techniques

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